L'Amiga 1200 en surchauffe

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Wolfenstein 3D sur Amiga 1200 ? Presque, il faut quand même 3MB de RAM et 3MB de disque dur (en plus du Kickstart 3.0 et du mode AGA). Après il n'y a rien d'extraordinaire, perso j'y joue sur Atari STE et Mega STE !

Mouais par contre les FPS affichés ne me semblent pas du tout réalistes !?

Les explications du développeur :
"A long time ago I experimented with a Wolfenstein 3D port for the CD32, but concluded that the raycaster is simply too slow and abandoned the project. I recently saw some videos of Wolf3D running on 286 machines, which got me thinking: an A1200 with some Fast RAM might just be fast enough for the game. You would assume the A1200 is faster than a 286, but there's one crucial component missing: the VGA card. This means no chunky modes, no fast dedicated video memory, no drawing multiple pixels with a single write, etc. You also can't do self-modifying code on the 68020+ without disabling or flushing the cache. Throwing some fast RAM at it could offset this. I cleaned my old port, fixed most of the issues, implemented the missing features. I was able to reuse some code from Blake Stone, but I still had a lot of issues with the speed. For example I had to make the scalers mostly 16-bit fixed point, but fortunately this didn't have a big impact on the graphics at 320x200. One advantage Wolf3D has over Blake Stone is that it doesn't draw any sprites outside the 3D view area, so all the 2D graphics around it can be native bitmaps, only the 3D view uses chunky. As expected the biggest roadblock turned out to be the raycaster. I tried a 16-bit variant, but it wasn't much faster and produced a lot of glitches due to the lack of precision. I ended up settling for halving the horizontal resolution, so the 3D view is drawn in 2x1. Then again the official GBA port of Wolf3D was also in 2x1, and that's more powerful system so I don't think it's a bad result."

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