Infiltrez vous sur Colecovision !

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Infiltrator, un nouveau homebrew Colecovision en cours de développement ! Il fait furieusement penser au génial Who Dares Wins II sorti sur micro 8bit en 1985. L'auteur, Charles Spencer, continue à fignoler le jeu, qui à mon sens risque d'être un sacré hit dans sa version finale.

My goal with this game was to make something with smart non-player entities that didn't just bounce about and require more than button-mashing. I wanted to make something that doesn't seem tile-ish so I made it so characters walk "in front" of trees, boulders, towers, walls, etc. and shots can travel "behind" them. I chose to make the sprites multi-color which compounded the challenges of flicker avoidance but hopefully you find the resulting character animation was worth the effort. I'm toying with the idea of making ammo not unlimited and requiring the player to pick up clips dropped by the enemies when they're shot. I might include the player's accuracy as part of the scoring since some folks enjoy striving for that perfect round

Charles Spencer

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