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"We began work on the Xbox several years ago. Given that investment and the fact that there are still millions of active Xbox gamers, it just made the most sense to finish this work before switching to any of the next-gen consoles."

"With the exception of memory, the Xbox is quite a powerful machine, and that's why it was chosen as the only current-gen system targeted for this game. And, through the use of streaming technology, we were able to avoid any potential issues of trying to fit a game with a min req of 256MB of RAM through a 64MB RAM pipe."

Doug Lombardi/Valve au sujet de Half Life 2 sur XBOX

Half Life 2 cloture en beauté la "trilogie FPS" Xbox après Doom 3 et Far Cry... 3 réussites absolues (sans compter les excellents Chronicles of Riddick et la série Halo)

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PAC 18/11/2005 17:12

Oui soyons sérieux sans clavier-souris ces jeux sont injouables...

arfman 18/11/2005 09:16

"Half Life 2 cloture en beauté la "trilogie FPS" Xbox après Doom 3 et Far Cry... 3 réussites absolues "

Quoi ? j'espere que c'est une blague :/